Programs for Restoring Relationships

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R & R Programs are designed to restore relationships and community by exploring themes of: Respect, Responsibility, Repair, and Reintegration

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R&R initially launched in response to statistics about recidivism and the lack of support for people trying to rehabilitate in the aftermath of criminal activity. They continue to work with people entangled in the justice system and also offer specialized programs in support of diversity, belonging and inclusion. Content is suitable for various age groups including youth, adults and seniors. R & R Programs are a synergy of restorative/social justice, emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness practices. Their ultimate goal is for participants to achieve a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

R & R Programs

A typical program spans six to eight weeks and is suitable for 10-30 participants. The first priority is to provide an approachable space for people to listen and speak respectfully. To help R&R maintain this crucial element of the gatherings, we ask everyone to embody our 5 Group Approaches.

  1. Be Mindful
  2. Be Aware
  3. Be Curious
  4. Be Respectful
  5. Be Personal

Other elements are centered around Beverly B. Titles’ Five R’s of Restorative Justice (Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Repair and Reintegration) and Daniel Goleman’s framework of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills). Each session is also infused with guided secular mindfulness practices such as walking, stretching, eating, breathing and listening.

Participants who complete the program successfully will earn a certificate that recognizes their dedication to personal growth and interpersonal skills.

For more information contact:

Senior R&R program facilitator Amber McAuley

Or the Freedom is a Must Foundation info line

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