Who we are

Board of Directors

Guided by our mission to provide hope, opportunity, and a path to success, our board leverages expertise from various fields to steer our holistic approach in mentorship, education, and advocacy. They are committed to breaking down systemic barriers and transforming the narrative around those who have made mistakes, underpinning our vision of a society where everyone has the chance to rewrite their story. Through strategic direction and unwavering support, the Board ensures the Foundation remains a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change, embodying the belief that “Making mistakes shouldn’t define a person’s character forever.”

Matthew Campbell-Williams
Matthew Campbell-Williams Board Member
Matthew is a father, husband, community organizer, and criminal defence lawyer. He runs his own criminal defence firm (MCW Law). He believes a better world is possible if we organize and come together to make one.
Christophe Lewis
Christophe Lewis Founder/Acting Co-Executive Director
Christophe is an entrepreneur who embarked on his first small business venture at the tender age of 16. He has been involved in several entrepreneurial endeavours over the years but made some poor decisions as an adolescent, which led him to navigate the justice system. After his stint with the justice system, he shifted his focus to prison reform and social justice initiatives. It was from these newfound initiatives that the Freedom Is A Must Foundation was born.
Stephen Owusu
Stephen Owusu Board Member
Stephen currently holds the position of VP of Marketing at Melcom Homes. With years of experience in the social service sector, Stephen possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to community development. He is a proud family man and an active member of his community, as well as a dedicated YMCA volunteer serving as a youth basketball coach.
Priscilla Smith
Priscilla Smith Board Member
Priscilla Smith's journey through various roles in transportation, entertainment, and community service is impressive. Her commitment to helping others, especially youth and individuals transitioning from the justice system, reflects her dedication to social impact. As a Light Rail Vehicle Testing and Commissioning Instructor at Crosslinx Transit Solutions, she brings a wealth of experience and a passion for making a difference to her work.
Sylvie Bordelais
Sylvie Bordelais Board Member
Sylvie has been running her own law firm since 2001. She initially represented the Police Ethics Commissioner and taught "Ethics and Security" at Université de Montréal. She later focused on representing incarcerated individuals in various legal proceedings.