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We understand the significance of mental well-being and strive to provide valuable resources and support for individuals facing mental health challenges. Here, we have compiled a list of organizations and platforms that are dedicated to promoting mental health, offering guidance, and connecting individuals with professional assistance. We encourage you to explore these resources to find the help and support you need.


Your mental health matters, and you don’t have to face challenges alone. There are numerous institutions and organizations dedicated to providing support and resources to help you on your journey to well-being. We encourage you to reach out to the following trusted institutions for assistance:

BMHC Montreal is a community-based organization that focuses on supporting and improving the mental health and well-being of the Black community in Montreal. They provide a range of services, including counseling, workshops, and educational resources, to address the unique mental health needs of individuals within this community.

Black Mental Health Canada is a national organization committed to promoting and advocating for the mental health and well-being of Black individuals in Canada. They offer resources, educational materials, and access to mental health services to support the specific needs of the Black community.

The Alberta Black Therapist Network is a platform that connects individuals in Alberta, Canada, with Black therapists who specialize in addressing mental health concerns. Their directory allows you to find qualified therapists who can provide culturally responsive and affirming mental health support.

My Mental Health Matters is a comprehensive online resource that provides information, tools, and support for individuals dealing with mental health challenges. Their platform offers articles, self-help resources, and access to mental health professionals to assist individuals on their mental health journey.

Remember, seeking support is a brave step towards taking care of your mental well-being. You are not alone, and help is available. Reach out to these resources and take the first step towards nurturing your mental health.

Make a Difference in Mental Health

Your contribution can create lasting change in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health challenges. By donating to our mental health cause, you are directly supporting initiatives that promote awareness, provide resources, and offer vital support to those in need.

Why donate to mental health? Mental health affects us all, and your generosity can make a significant impact.

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